We wrap, we knit, we listen and we share.

We honor them word-by-word

Two collaborative projects — “Articulation” and “A Leaf of Knowledge” (now in progress) — evolved naturally as our community felt the pain of loss and the need to heal. Using the words of Diane and Brendan, we wrap, we knit, we listen and we share. The result is not only the reshaping of their words into a new form, but also a shared transformation of something greater than ourselves, especially as the collaboration takes its physical shape. The projects began from a sense of loss but the passage of time in creating these pieces embodies and reflects the healing process that flows out of a year’s effort in wrapping Diane’s words around paperclips or in knitting the panels of yarn that surround the woven words of Brendan’s poetry. We honor them word-by-word, stitch-by-stitch, memory-by-memory, a legacy to the words of the lives they lived and the indelible contributions they made.

Please join with us by reading, posting, sharing or knitting.

  • A Leaf of Knowledge

    This collaborative project, A Leaf of Knowledge, is the result of a community deeply touched and inspired by Brendan’s strength, optimism and his artistic gift for using words especially in his final year of life. This is also the same community that wrapped 20,000 paperclips with the memory and desire not to forget the extraordinary words written by Diane Granat Yalowitz in the Articulation installation.


  • Articulation

    In Honor of Diane Granat Yalowitz, Collaboration 2004-2005. This memorial piece is our gift back, to honor an extraordinary woman and her life’s work. Friends, family, and even some who did not know her, wrapped over 20,000 paper clips with the words she had written. A new community emerged as those who wrapped connected through shared stories of sorrow and of hopes.