Words as Legacy honors the life and work of Diane Granat Yalowitz and Brendan Ogg. Both were gifted writers. Both lost their lives to brain cancer. And both lived in the same community of friends.

Francie Hester

Francie Hester
Hester’s professional artwork has garnered praise from curators and critics. She has engaged her community in small and large-scale projects using words as legacy. By connecting the words of a beloved journalist and a young poet who passed away to the community they lived in, she created works that turned loss into memory and memory into dialogue.

Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill
Hill is a fine artist, educator, and award-winning designer, who is currently the Assistant Dean for Communication Design and the Director of the Tyler Teaching Gallery at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) in the Washington, DC metro area, where she teaches graphic and interactive design. Hill’s fine art work is represented nationally in many private collections and has been part of numerous shows. Hill received her B.A. in Fine Arts / Graphic Design from the University of Florida and her M.F.A. in Studio Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).




collaborators: Francie Hester and Lisa Hill
Words: Diane Granat Yalowitz – three decades of articles from the Washingtonian Magazine
Music: Joan Phalen, Luis Garay

A dedicated team of family and friends who wrapped 20,000 paperclips over a year’s time.

A Leaf of Knowledge:

collaborators: Jackie Ogg, Francie Hester and Lisa Hill
Words: Brendan Ogg – a book of poetry, A Summer Becomes Absurd
Music: Mattson Ogg,
Knitting Community – coordinated by Chris Bragg.


List of knitters:

Abby Hester
Adam Lewis
Adam Yalowitz
Agnes Hogan
Alex Bodaken
Alice Gueno
Alies Muskin
Allison Porter
Amanda Ginter
Amy Sands
Andrea Levere
Anna Denkers
Annie Hunt
Becca Shark
Becky Mayer
Ben Zucker
Beth Sperber Richie
Beth Wehrle
Betsy Devlin-Foltz
Betsy Luecking
Bev Bragg
Beverley Ogg Stone
Binta Coulibaly
Bobby Schaeffer
Bonnie Becker
Brian Hunt
Brooke Seidelmann
Brownen Wirta
Busy Graham
Cara Cowdrey
Carl LaRue
Carla Gregor
Carla Kish

Carol Nicholson
Carole O’Toole
Caroline Anderson
Caroline Jones
Catherine Hunt
Cathy Stewart
Cathy Uggeri
Cheryl Silver
Chris Bragg
Christine Huber-Wegmann
Christy Morgan
Cindy Frank
Cindy Strong
Cookie Kerxton
Cory Hawkins
Daniel Dagucon
David Zamostny
Dawn Jepson
Debbie Berkowitz
Diana Shark
The Peterson Family
Dori Reinhalter
Dorothy Granat
Edith Granat
Eileen Hunt
Eleanor Plank
Elizabeth Mayer
Elizabeth Patton
Ellen Garshick
Ellen Stovall
Ellen Weiss
Emily Bragg

Emily Kopilow
Fatou Coulibaly
Fran Bernstein
Francie Hester
Francie Taylor
Gilda Marinho
Gina Sims
Grace Reinhalter
Grandpa Hunt
Hannah Campbell
Hilary Bragg
Hyberg Family
Ilyse Kramer
Isabel vonZiegler
Jackie Ogg
Jake Silver
Jane Rostov
Jennifer Lemanski
Joan Field
Joan Phalen
Jonni Burke
Judith Adamson
Julia Post
Julie Katz
Karen Joseph
Karen Lee
Karen Marshall Dolan
Karin Chenoweth
Kath Meadows
Kathy Sanders
Kathy Staudt
Karuna Binstock
Kelly White

Kerry Bowen
Knaughty Knitters
Kristen Faust
Kyle Konopka
Lauren Finkel
Laurie Miller
Leah Whitehill
Lena Hunt
Lisa Adams
Lisa Embley
Lisa Felber
Lisa Fleischman
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hedgepath
Liz Taylor
Liza Hester
Lucy Richter
Madelyn Giblin
Margaret Plank
Marianne Hunt
Marsha Falstad
Marilyn Jerome
Mary Challinor
Mary Ellsberg
Marty Falstad
Mary Jeanne Harwood
Masumi Kikkawa
Max Donohue
Meditation Group
Melanie Rosenberger
Mimi Guernica
Molly Graham Hickman
Monika Relman

Nancy Graham
Nancy Pinto
Nancy Spate Kit
Natalie Raabe
Nora Stephens
Otterstrom/Gregerman Family
Paul Hawkins
Peggy Jackson
Penny Spees
Polly Stone
Rachel Kopilow
Reina Coulibaly
Richard Jaeggi
Rosemary Kamyszek
Sabeth Jackson
Samantha Frank
Sarah LaRue
Shanti Norris
Sharon Elstein
Sojourner Hunt
Susan Drumheller
Susan Joseph
Susan Klein
Susan St. Maxens
Tanya Batalska
Taylor Bragg
Tommy Hester
Tori Jones
Wendy Baumert
Yoshiko Jeaggi