Join us in knitting panels of yarn for A Leaf of Knowledge in honor of Brendan Ogg.

Calling all Knitters:  We are collecting knitted panels for Words as Legacy –  A Leaf of Knowledge.  Deadline: end of February.  Please return your panels (completed and otherwise) and we will be honored to include them in the April 13 – May 26 show at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts (see Upcoming Events).  If you would like to knit a panel, please let us know and we will provide the materials. Our email is  Knitted panels will be add a new and creative element to Brendan’s words as part of  the exhibit.


1)  We have a corps of experienced knitters willing to finish off any incomplete panels so please send along whatever you have.  Directions and address, below.

2)  We are also hosting a number of knitting circles, join us if you can:
Adega Wine Cellar:  Tuesdays – January 10th and  February 7th at 7:00 pm
Kefa Café:  Sundays – January 15th and February 12th at 9:30 am
Smith Center for Healing and the Arts – Saturday February 25th 4:00 pm
For more information on knitting circles, contact:  Chris Bragg,


It’s easy – very doable for all levels of knitters and a great way to learn to knit. Just follow these four steps and send us your completed panel.  Deadline End of February!


Knitting Instructions:  

With your ball of Malabrigo yarn, Paris Night and a set of size 15 knitting needles, follow these simple steps.  

Cast on 20 stitches, and knit every row until you have pretty much finished the ball of yarn (aka garter stitch

When you are done, please slip the stitches onto a stitch holder (or a regular large safety pin will do) or bind off the stitches to finish the panel.  Please know that if for any reason you don't finish the panel, not to worry.  Return what you have and another knitter will finish it off.  

Once you are finished, please do the following three things:
1)  Write the name of each knitter on a piece of paper and pin that to the panel they knitted, or helped knit.  
2)  If any particular stories/thoughts/memories about Brendan come to mind, feel free to jot those down as well and send them along with the knitted panels.
3)   Put all of the above in an envelop and send to/drop off at: Jackie Ogg 1503 Red Oak Drive, Silver Spring MD  20910.  



Refresh your knitting memory or just enjoy this “How to Knit” youtube video


Leave us your email so we can follow-up, answer questions or send project updates.